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An emotional and visual journey, with canvases that tell the self-destructive suffering, the torments of contemporary man, but also his tendency to hope. Strong images are born from the brush and the heart of SAITA that speak of life, sex, love, reality and unreality.

Anthropocenia is the global city, the real non-place, where man with his presence, as a species on earth, is the cause of death by prevailing over nature and himself. This anthropological and existential unease is at the mercy of two emotional and relational forces, Eros and Chaos. Anthropocenia is an exploration of this relational difficulty of today's man where the chaotic eroticization of feelings prevails, which in the absence of Desire, makes relationships difficult and produces inner pain. Only by going towards new body and psychic geometries, not Euclidean, will it be possible to enter the cure and inhabit the earth in an ethical way, that is, aware of oneself and others.

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