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They are notes on pain, which transversely use medicine, philosophy, psychoanalysis and literature, rethought freely, collected over the years and ordered in a chaotic way by association and dissociation of ideas and words; preamble of a more complex discourse and synonyms of Filling and Desire.

They are personal or personalized reflections, collected phrases, speculations and shared opinions, linked as the only sense of unity, to the path of care.

They are small provocative reflections, sometimes paradoxical but necessary, which start from the clinic and make daily work possible with people who have suffered for a long time; they are not questions, even if it is precisely to the questions of those who suffer that they open up and are inspired ...

the Coffee Hause art & adv.


This essay, like the previous one, crosses the reflections within the reflections with kaleidoscopic images, maintaining its own strategies, within the operative hypothesis of the cure without talking about it, estranged and estranged, using openly epistemophilic sensations, images, intuitions, concepts.

It means care as a desire for care that is transformed into enjoyment of care, shared between the caregiver and the carer who can be both single, couple, or plurality.

This essay points to awareness in a flash of intuition. It is the personal point of view on the new cure for clinical work: an angled point of view, made out of the corner of the eye, perhaps not exhaustive but pertinent to the question, open to new reflections and new desires.

the Coffee Hause art & adv.


the Coffee Hause art & adv.

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